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Sports podiatry

The Ian’s Podiatry Centre we are aware of and appreciates the necessity of getting you back into your sport as quickly as possible.

Properly treating injuries within the initial 48 hours of damage can lead to faster recovery and quicker return to work. If you have suffered an ankle, foot, or leg injury, it’s essential to rest for a few days, regularly icing your leg, compressing it, and elevating the leg.

An early assessment and precise assessment by one of our Podiatrists is essential to allow us to determine the most suitable treatment plan for each patient earlier than later. We can order x-rays, Ultrasounds, x-rays, and MRIs as needed, helping your recovery with the most up-to-date medical technology.

The Ian’s Podiatry Centre We offer urgent appointments on Mondays, allowing those who suffer an injury during the weekend to get the highest quality of care as quickly as possible. Naturally, injuries can happen anytime, and you can call our friendly receptionist or book online to make an appointment.

In addition to the immediate pain that comes from the ankle twist or trauma to the joints of the foot, the pain can be more persistent as time passes. Many people also suffer from this type of discomfort or soreness due to sports or exercise, and we recommend seeking advice early on these issues before they get worse.

We can offer plans to stop the condition from worsening and help support your body during its recovery. This could involve suggestions regarding the need to modify your footwear or training regimen, as well as information about specific workout programs that tackle any imbalances in your muscles or stability problems.

Other treatments we commonly employ when dealing with sports-related ailments include dry needling, shockwave therapy strapping, rock tapping custom orthotics, offloading using CAM Walkers, and foot mobilization therapy.

Our rehabilitation exercises program will be specifically designed to meet the needs of an individual and expectations. By conducting a thorough examination and the correct diagnosis, we can get you beginning rehabilitation while healing your injury, which means there’s less chance of reconditioning that comes with the recovery process.

Various stretching and strengthening exercises and proprioception/balance training are usually included in our programs and are gradually progressing during your rehabilitation. We will consist of specific activities specific to your sport, which will help prepare you for returning to your sport in good shape. We will also offer advice on other training options to ensure your fitness throughout the process.