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Foot Mobilisation Therapy

Foot Mobilisation Therapy

Your feet perform most efficiently when things are in order.

FMT uses hands-on treatments using gentle mobilizations and manipulations targeted towards joints in the legs and feet to enhance function and decrease discomfort.

The ankle and foot joints are evaluated to find the areas of joint limitation. When you determine the observed patterns of motion, it is then possible to softly mobilize or manipulate the joint to restore the normal range of motion without restriction. If the common limitation has been in place for a long time, the cause could be insufficient control of the muscles or ligament injury. These aspects are considered when your Podiatrist works to restore your function.

For those with chronic problems, the initial appointment block to restore joint mobility and function would be recommended before the introduction of exercises to strengthen your foot for the long-term treatment. Using manipulations and practices to maintain the foot could be extremely beneficial.

Our Podiatrists will gladly explore different combinations of treatments to ensure our clients receive the highest quality results. FMT can be utilized alongside other therapies that could include advice on footwear strengthening and stretching exercises, orthotics, dry Strapping, and needling.