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Biomechanical Assessments

Biomechanical Assessments

A biomechanical examination involves looking at how your lower limbs function and examining any abnormalities or potential causes of discomfort in your ankle, foot, knee, and back.

A few of these investigations comprise:
  • Testing of muscles
  • Assessment of range of motion
  • Static standing assessment
  • Walking gait analysis
  • Evaluation of running when is the time is specified

Ian’s Podiatry Centre uses video treadmill analysis to determine the speed and distance you run or walk. The specific software allows for slow-motion video feedback to be displayed, showing the functions of your ankles, feet, and hips, and knees and hips. You are finding any abnormal gait patterns.

By conducting our extensive evaluations, we’ll be able to swiftly and effectively determine the best treatment options available to you.