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Nail and Skin Treatments

Nail and Skin Treatments

Ian’s Podiatry Centre helps people of all ages treat issues with their nails or skin. Sometimes, toenails can be difficult to trim. This could be because they’re too thick, or you cannot reach or feel the nails to cut them properly. Nails can also get ingrown and, consequently, painful. A Podiatrist is equipped with tools to trim and treat growing nails. We also can help patients suffering from fungal infections of the nail. Patients with Diabetes typically require a frequent visit to the Podiatrist to receive routine treatments to ensure that problems don’t become more severe.

A callus is hard, scaly skin that forms on the areas on the foot that are in contact or are under pressure. Corns are hard skins that create a core because of pressure concentrated in one region, and they are typically more painful and appear like stones. Calluses and corns can be caused due to the way you walk or use orthotics that is not fitting shoes or other medical conditions properly.

A typical area prone to hard skin development is located on the heel’s back. This is especially frequent during warmer seasons when patients are more likely to put on shoes with a gap, which results in painful cracks.

Treatment for calluses and corns is generally easy and requires the elimination from the skin using sterile instruments. The hard skin can develop again after a while, so it is recommended to see your feet examined regularly to remain at ease and free of pain. It is recommended that the Podiatrist also look into the cause behind the pressure and provide options to ease it. It could be as simple as shoe recommendations, insoles that are modified or padding, toe protection devices, custom-made orthotics, and advice on how to take care of your feet.

Common skin and nail problems we treat:
  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Cracked heels
  • Warts/papillomas
  • Tine
  • Nails that are thickened
  • Ingrown or curly nails.
  • Fungal nail infections

If you find it difficult to control your nails on your own, we can assist you.